At Michigan Urban Greens we understand the importance of eating healthy!

We also understand the need of saving money and food sustainability.

We are a Microgreens Farm that specializes in growing nutritious microgreens and wheatgrass because of their potent health benefits and delicious flavor. We are committed to providing our customers with fresh, delicious, affordable produce. All our products are grown to order, harvested by hand, and delivered within 24 hours to your home or workplace through our weekly subscription delivery service. During the summer months we can be found at local Farmer’s Markets and Stands.

It is our heartfelt mission to improve the health and sustainability of our local community, through growing, educating and sharing! As a Tower Garden® partner and representative, we offer education and resources for families to grow fresh food year – round, anywhere, indoors or out! We have special programs for Educators and Commercial Farms as well.

We are thrilled and thankful for the tremendous support we are receiving from our customers and community as we all work together to expand the food revolution offering better nutrition for all

A customer's tomato garden growing on the Tower Garden FLEX