Take Control Of Your Family’s Diet And Health With Your Own Fresh, Sustainable Food Source!

Meet the home Gardening system that lets you grow fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers anytime, anywhere! Simple to set up and maintain, Tower Garden® turns your backyard, patio, porch, deck, kitchen, sunroom, office, or classroom into a year-around farmer’s market! – The possibilities are endless! Food sourced by you, from you! Growing your own food on the Garden Tower® system allows you to be 100% confident in the quality of your food and saves money and gas on trips to purchase store bought produce.

Find The Tower Garden® That’s Right For You!

Tower Garden® HOME Growing System

Tower Garden®  HOME

Enjoy a year-around supply of healthy, clean, homegrown herbs, veggies and baby greens with minimal time and work.

Ideal for indoor use, Tower Garden® HOME’s sleek design and built-in wheels allows you to set up and move it anywhere, while the included LED kit provides ample light in any conditions. 

Eating Healthy just got more simpler! – no trips to the store to purchase food that may or may not be plentiful or that has traveled long distances for several days.  Security in the fact that you can grow continuously, year-around and know how your food was grown.

 Tower Garden® HOME  is Ideal for indoor use in a small area with its streamlined 24” base.  Has 32 planting ports for continued growing and includes the LED Lights and wheels. Your Growing system will include everything you need to begin growing right out of the box! – including a variety of seeds!

Tower Garden® FLEX Growing System

Tower Garden® FLEX

The FLEX is the ultimate customizable and expandable home growing system!

Its rugged, pro-grade construction makes the Tower Garden® FLEX completely flexible for both outdoor or indoor use which means growing a year around supply of fresh nutritious vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Only using three square feet of space and less water, zero soil, and endless options – your garden, your way – all year round!!

Ideal for indoor/outdoor use, with a larger 30” base and 20 planting ports. Growing system will include everything you need to start growing right away including a variety of seeds!

Lights, wheels and other add-ons sold separately – allowing you to customize your garden to meet your gardening needs. (See Accessories below) 

pH Kit


Mineral Blend

Rockwool Cubes

Net Pots
$19.00 (Pack of 30)

Growing Clips

Seedling Starter Kit

Replacement Indoor Grow Lights $27.08 monthly/1 Year

NASD to install vertical gardens in each middle school

Tower Garden® FLEX Add On Accessories